Full-Time Artist Position


  • Minimum 2 years experience working as a licensed artist

  • BBP, First Aid, & CPR Certified

  • Familiarity with industry rules and state regulations

  • Strong Portfolio

  • Exceptional customer service skills and ability to work with a wide range of clients

  • Punctual and respectful to clients and other team members

  • Ability to create custom artwork based on client requests

  • True team player that's willing to both learn and share knowledge with team members

What We Offer:

  • A 5-Star Rated studio with a constant flow of clientele

  • A fun, creative atmosphere tailored to a working Tattoo Artist's needs

  • A large, fully private room fitted with uniform, natural lighting

  • A large, angled drawing table in each room

  • Ample storage space

  • The opportunity to expand your current client list via portfolio display on the website

  • Competitive wages

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