Nate's Biography & Portfolio

As both Owner and Tattoo Artist at Lucid Arts, Nate has achieved far more than he imagined in the "early days" of tattooing.

Nathan began his tattooing career as a licensed Tattoo Artist back in 2004.

He holds an Associates degree in Graphic Design and his experience as a professional Graphic Designer seemed like a natural transition into tattooing. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of graphics programs and apps to quickly and efficiently design tattoos that have a natural fit and flow on the body.

Nathan is very capable of creating any style of tattoo, but specializes in illustrative tattooing and realism.

Check out his portfolio and feel free to contact us to arrange your next tattoo!

- Color Tattoos
- Black & Grey Tattoos
Nicole's Fix-Up #1
Wolf Moon
Phoenix Kanji
- Cover-Up Tattoos
- Artwork